Weaver Hall Museum & Workhouse, Northwich

Weaver Hall Museum Northwich

Opened July 2014

The Weaver Hall Museum in Northwich tells the stories of the industrial town in which it is situated and the former workhouse which is its home. RFA were appointed to revamp the museum galleries at the museum, a design and build project covering two galleries.

Industrial Voices Gallery

As part of this project, RFA used historic architectural plans to create a reconstructed computer model of the workhouse as it stood in 1892. This model was used to create graphic illustrations and an interactive model.

Workhouse Model

The museum collection includes a set of patterns donated by a local foundry. RFA commissioned a replica pattern, which was then cast and filmed for the exhibition, and used as the basis for a hands-on puzzle interactive.

Foundry Pattern Interactive

The museum also focuses on other local industries, such as salt making and boat building.

Boat Building Display

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