Warrior Treasures, Royal Armouries, Leeds

Warrior Treasures:
Saxon Gold from the Staffordshire Hoard
Royal Armouries, Leeds

Open May 2016

The Staffordshire hoard is a discovery of international significance transforming our understanding of Anglo-Saxon England since its discovery by an amateur metal detectorist in 2009.

Displayed in the north for the first time, a hundred of the more than 3,500 Anglo-Saxon gold and silver military ornaments were selected for this exhibition focussing on beautifully decorative sword fittings, which are complemented by objects and replicas from the Royal Armouries collection.

The design of Warrior Treasures is based on an intricate spiral structure with the inner sanctum housing the most spectacular objects from the hoard.  A faithfully reconstructed section of a Mead Hall is positioned to one side for storytelling and interactive displays.

Appointed in February, RFA were given a tight schedule up to opening in late May.