Haig Pit Mining Museum, Whitehaven

Haig Pit Mining Museum, Kells, Whitehaven

Open October 2014

Haig Pit Mining Museum is the last vestige of the West Cumberland coalfield, dramatically located on a cliff top above Whitehaven.

Haig Pit Mining Museum, Exterior

The aim of the project was to replace the existing coal-mining gallery with new, highly interactive displays that tell the story of the people involved, relate the site of the museum to the former colliery and provide a comprehensive and clear explanation of how coal was formed, extracted and used.

Haig Pit Mining Museum, Concept Visual

Closed in 1986, the remaining colliery buildings became a mining museum featuring two enormous rotative engines. RFA has been appointed, as part of a restoration team, to breathe new life into the attraction by providing high-quality, engaging exhibitions based on life below ground (under the sea) and around the pit head throughout the working life of the colliery, which opened in 1916.

Haig Pit Mining Museum, Concept Visual

For more information about the history of mining in the North, visit the Haig Pit website.