Cathedral At Heights, Chester Cathedral


Cathedral at Heights, Chester Cathedral


Opened April 2014

Clock Mechanisms- Chester Cathedral


Chester Cathedral’s central tower, inner roof spaces and galleries presented an opportunity for visitors to physically interact with the building and RFA was appointed to work closely with the client team to develop a guided audio tour and open up the inner spaces of the Cathedral.

Carillon Interactive- Chester Cathedral

A new brand identity guides visitors from the Cathedral entrance to a ‘taster’ exhibition in the vestibule adjacent to the steep spiral stairs that carry visitors up into the old bell tower, onto the roof and back along the spectacular East Gallery.

Ringing Chamber- Chester Cathedral

Highlights include an engaging re-creation of the former bell ringing chamber with an interpretive exhibition and, immediately above, the bell frame has been transformed into an audio-visual ‘wow’ experience.  Video and still imagery of bell ringing and associated themes is projected onto the walls and directional speakers provide visitors with an individual experience as they move around the space.

The view to the East from the tower of Chester Cathedral.

Ascending to the top of the tower, visitors have access to spectacular views of the city and the distant Welsh mountains.  Although physically demanding – there are many steep steps , tight corridors and narrow doorways – the tour has been a resounding success since opening in April.

For more information about this historic cathedral, visit the Chester Cathedral website.


Chester Cathedral’s central tower, inner roof spaces and galleries.