ASH Project, Bluebell Railway

ASH Project
Bluebell Railway

Opens Spring 2018

RFA has a strong association with the Bluebell Railway and is delighted to re-establish the connection by developing the ASH (Accessible Steam Heritage) project up to completion.

Based on three core themes of Who makes a locomotive work? What makes a locomotive work? and What is this locomotive’s story? the displays encourage a spirit of enquiry and support learning conversations in the exhibition, which are located in the Running Shed (a building full of locomotives).

birds eye view 07-03-2016

The focus of the displays is a full-size reconstruction of Stepney (the inspiration for the Reverend Awdry’s Thomas the Tank engine), ‘exploded’ to show its working parts.  A realistic driving experience is featured in the cab alongside role-play opportunities, with hands-on interactives based on the harnessing of power (created by water, coal and heat) and transmission, seen through the operation of a ‘rolling road’.

birds eye view 07-03-2016

Stories of those who work/ worked on the locomotives will be featured highlighting personalities and acquired skills.

ASH is intended as a family-friendly exhibition appealing to a wide age range.